ProSam Reviews 2022 – Is It The Best Dietary Supplement? Ingredients,Benefits & Pricing

Prostatic hypertrophy, or an enlarged prostate gland, is one of the most common causes of urinary incontinence in men looking for ProSam. Prostate hypertrophy is a natural aging process that causes urinary problems. The prostate may be the cause of urinary incontinence in men over the age of 45.

Prostate problems were uncommon not long ago. It was not customary to discuss or write about them, and little was known about them. The problem did not exist when men’s average life expectancy did not exceed 50 years. Since medicine has advanced to new heights, life expectancy has increased, and men have become more aware of their bodies, prostate hypertrophy has risen to the top of the list of medical mysteries that a man in his prime should be aware of.

Although prostate hypertrophy affects nearly the entire male population, only a small percentage of men experience painful symptoms. Every man over the age of 45 should see a doctor at least once a year to have his health checked. If you are experiencing problems with your genitourinary system, you should see a urologist right away. Remember that detecting prostate hypertrophy early can save your life. Prostate cancer can be caused by ignoring this issue.

Supplement Name
Supplement Type
Advanced prostate support formula in pill form for oral consumption; easy to swallow capsules (60 tablets per bottle).

ProSam Formula’s Creator
Thomas Louis Kelinger

ProSam Purpose
Improves, supports, and protects prostate health.

ProSam Ingredients
Saw Palmetto, Cat’s Claw, Pygeum Africanum, Selenium, Anona Muricate, Maitake, Reishi, Tomato derivatives, Green tea extract, Brocoli leaf derivatives, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Zinc.

ProSam Side Effects
No report yet.

Prosam Dosage
Take  2 capsules every day with water.

ProSam Price
1 bottle for $69 each (30-day)
3 bottles for $59 each (90-day)
6 bottles for $49 each (180-day).
ProSam Refund Policy
Money Back Guarantee for 60 Days
Official Website
Click Here
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What Exactly Is ProSam?

ProSam is an active and potent dietary supplement that can significantly improve the health of your prostate. It provides numerous health benefits that allow men to live problem-free life in terms of prostate health. It boosts immunity and contains high-quality ingredients to nourish your prostate and keep it healthy. When a man reaches the age of 50, his chances of developing prostate problems or prostate cancer increase. He may begin to feel pains or numbness in his prostate region, disrupting his day and causing him great discomfort.

To avoid worsening or life-threatening conditions, it is best to treat prostate problems as soon as they appear. Men can use the dietary supplement to reduce their chances of developing prostate cancer, improve blood and oxygen circulation, prevent swelling and inflammation, increase energy levels, and reduce fatigue. ProSam can have a significant impact on prostate health, which is why it is recommended that it be taken regularly.

One bottle of the dietary supplement contains 60 capsules. This is enough for 30 days of regular use. Before selling or distributing a bottle, it is thoroughly inspected. It is manufactured in a GMP-certified and FDA-registered facility that adheres to strict and sterile production standards. It is made with cutting-edge technology and was designed to be completely safe to use, with no addictive fillers or additives that could endanger the ProSam user’s health. In this review, we will reveal the details you need to know before purchasing ProSam.

This review goes over what the dietary supplement is, how the formula works, what it is made of, the benefits it can provide, the recommended dose, pricing, and other information you’ll need to know to decide whether the supplement is worth trying.

What Problems Does ProSam Handle?

ProSam, a 100 percent organic dietary supplement, primarily addresses prostatic issues. The prostate gland is usually the size of a chestnut, it is elastic, and its surface is smooth. As the number of cells in the prostate increases, the prostate expands in volume and begins to compress the urethra, reducing its lumen. Urination issues arise as a result of this narrowing.

An obstruction under the bladder prevents the bladder from completely emptying, causing painful changes in the structure of its wall. The remaining urine contributes to urinary tract infections or bladder stones, and it can also cause the bladder muscles to weaken to the point where urine flows uncontrollably out of the bladder.

The following are the most common symptoms of prostate hypertrophy that the ProSam supplement aims to alleviate:

  • a lot of urination;
  • nocturnal urination
  • a sudden desire to urinate;
  • Urination that is painful and causes a narrowing of the urine stream;
  • a flight disruption;
  • Urine leakage after urination;
  • a sensation of having a full bladder after urinating;
  • the inability to urinate

WARNING: The above symptoms may also indicate the presence of other diseases; seek medical attention as soon as they are noticed. Once you’ve been diagnosed with prostatitis, start treating it right away!

How does ProSam Work?

It claims to be extremely effective in protecting and supporting the user’s prostate health. It also improves blood circulation throughout the body while cleansing it. ProSam’s powerful antioxidants enable it to eliminate toxins, oxidative stress, and free radicals that contaminate the body. This also clears any blockages in your arteries and blood vessels and improves oxygen and blood distribution in your prostate region. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which can help to prevent swelling and inflammation in various parts of the body.

It also contains nutrients that can help with fatigue and exhaustion. It can also boost your energy levels, allowing you to power through the day. ProSam can also boost the function of your immune system and protect you from viruses or bacteria that try to weaken or infect your body. It also boosts your anti-inflammatory response in the event of a sudden onset of inflammation.

Does ProSam Really Work?

If personal experiences and user reviews are any indications, the ProSam prostate supplement is effective. It is said to be used by more than 150,000 people worldwide. A sizable portion of this massive user base has shared their personal experiences on the internet. Users who have shared their ProSam experiences have stated that this supplement has changed their lives for the better. Previously, they had to rely on prescription medication and gradually lose their good health; with the ProSam, these people can regain control of their lives within a few months of using it.

The supplement offers a quick and long-term solution to a real male health issue that has no permanent solution in the mainstream medical world. The majority of prostate-related medications are not intended to permanently cure prostate disorders, but rather to mask them.

Aside from user testimonials, the effectiveness of the ProSam supplement is supported by scientific evidence. The ProSam supplement’s formula contains highly potent antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. The formula also contains anti-inflammatory agents, which can help fight off any infection that may be infecting your prostate. Toxin buildup in the system is one of the most common causes of prostate disorders. Toxins that infect the prostate excessively can cause a variety of serious health problems that can turn people’s lives upside down.

Who Creates ProSam?

Lightning Labs, LLC manufactures and distributes the ProSam dietary supplement, which was created by renowned supplement formulator Thomas Louis Klinger. In the world of natural prostate health solutions, the brand has become a household name. The supplement’s well-known and trusted creators and distributors bolster its legitimacy even further.

All the supplement pills are manufactured in the United States following FDA and GMP guidelines.

ProSam Ingredients 

When you have prostate problems, it can affect your mood, day-to-day activities, and even your ability to perform well in sexual activities. This is why ProSam uses high-quality ingredients that are perfectly combined to ensure that the formulation works as efficiently and safely as possible for the users.

The extracts used in the formulation of ProSam have been thoroughly researched and developed to create a groundbreaking dietary supplement that can provide multiple health benefits while also preventing men from developing problematic prostate cancer disease.

The following are the main ingredients used in the ProSam formula:

Pumpkin Seed 

This is included because it benefits your heart and prostate health. It contains antioxidants, which can help to cleanse and detoxify the body. It also strengthens your bladder and keeps you from having urination problems.

Saw Palmetto 

This is a good ingredient that can provide the ProSam user with a variety of health benefits. It can help with the reproductive system as well as the immune system. It can boost the body’s healing and anti-inflammatory responses. It also promotes better blood circulation throughout the body.

Green Tea 

This can help your brain function better. It also protects you from heart attacks and strokes, as well as keeping your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels within a healthy and normal range. It can also help with weight loss and lower the risk of prostate cancer.


It is yet another ingredient that has the potential to lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels in the body. It contains vitamins C and K, which are beneficial to the body, particularly the immune system. It also has anti-inflammatory properties, which help to prevent inflammation and swelling.

Broccoli Leaf 

Vitamins E and K are found in the broccoli leaf extract. It also contains calcium, which has numerous health benefits for the body and promotes bone health. The ingredient also contains fiber, which aids digestion.

Cayenne Pepper 

This can boost the body’s metabolism. It aids in blood pressure regulation and improves blood circulation throughout the body. It also alleviates pain.

Annon Muricata 

This herb is used in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory properties, which can aid in the prevention of spasms. It also reduces the risk of cancer and is known as a cancer-killing ingredient.

 Mushroom Complex 

Reishi, maitake, and shiitake mushrooms are high in beta-glucans and lentinans polysaccharides, which can protect the body from inflammation and damage. It also protects and allows the body’s cells to regenerate.

Pygeum Africanum 

This is a tree extract with numerous medicinal properties. It can reverse enlarged prostates and even eliminate benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). It also protects against prostate cancer, inflammation, fever, cough, stomach pains, and other ailments.

Cat’s Claw 

It is an effective active ingredient for preventing cancer, infections, and other viruses from infiltrating and weakening the body.

Red raspberry, gravel root, juniper berry, zinc, copper, and vitamins B6 and E are also included in the ProSam dietary supplement.

All of the ingredients mentioned in the list work in concert to provide effective healing and support for your prostate health.


ProSam Dietary Supplement Benefits 

Men who have used the supplement have provided positive feedback and reviews on the product’s official website. These advantages can be realized after taking the supplement consistently for at least a few weeks. Allow the ProSam supplement to help you transform your life.

Here is a list of its advantages:

  • It promotes and protects prostate health. It also lowers the chances of developing prostate cancer.
  • It is high in antioxidants, which help to cleanse and detoxify the body, arteries, and blood vessels.
  • It promotes good blood circulation throughout the body, particularly in the prostate region.
  • It has the potential to alleviate pain.
  • The product can assist in bringing blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels back into a healthy and normal range.
  • It promotes a quicker anti-inflammatory response.
  • The supplement can boost your immune system.

ProSam Pros and Cons 

The best way to determine whether something is good for you or not is to make a list of its benefits and drawbacks. A pros and cons list simplifies decision-making by comparing the positive and negative aspects of something in a single list.

As a result, in this section of the product review, we have compiled a list of ProSam Pros and Cons to assist our readers in deciding whether or not to purchase the ProSam supplement.

Pros and cons list are as follows:


  • It is made entirely of natural ingredients.
  • There are no side effects associated with ProSam.
  • The supplement is beneficial to one’s overall health.
  • Improves productivity.
  • Gives you a fresh start in life.
  • Increases energy.
  • Muscle stress is reduced.
  • The body is detoxified.
  • It aids in the clearing of the mind.
  • Reduces the frequency with which you need to urinate.
  • It facilitates urination.
  • It is available for purchase from any retailer.
  • Provides a money-back guarantee for 60 days.


  • Anyone under the age of 18 should not use it.
  • It is only available on the official website and cannot be purchased in any physical store.
  • If you have any preexisting conditions, consult your doctor before using them.

ProSam Dosage Recommendations:

Each bottle contains 60 capsules, enough for a month’s worth of use. Simply take 2 capsules daily with an evening meal and half a glass of water, and you will be pleased with the results and how you will feel.

It is bioavailable, which means that the nutrients it provides to the body are almost completely absorbed, resulting in maximum efficiency.

The product is intended for adult men and women aged 18 and up, but it is most commonly recommended for adults in their 40s who want complete prostate relief that they can get anywhere.

This formula’s biochemical level, when combined, will control the abnormal growth of prostate cells.

To avoid unwanted reactions in the body, please consult your professional healthcare provider before taking the supplement.

Keep it away from children. If you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the label, do not take the supplement.

The supplement will work for you whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or even 70s. Results may differ from person to person because factors such as body type, lifestyle, and others can either speed up or slow down the process.

How Do You Use ProSam?

The supplement is packaged in gelatin-coated capsules (60 pieces per bottle). Customers should take at least two tablets per day for long-lasting effects. It is preferable to take the supplement in the evening, after the last meal, with a glass of water (or any other beverage, except alcohol). You will notice significant changes in your prostatic health in about 30 days.

Where Can I Buy ProSam?


If you want to purchase the supplement, you must do so through the official ProSam website. ProSam’s manufacturers have decided not to take the supplement available for purchase anywhere other than its official website to prevent ProSam scams.

When you buy the supplement from its official website, you do not only get the genuine ProSam supplement, but you also get the option to choose between three different packages with three different prices, all tailored to your specific needs and budget.

When you purchase the prostate supplement, you will also be entitled to a 60-day money-back guarantee.

ProSam Pricing 


The prices shown include a generous manufacturer’s discount. Typically, delivery takes 3-5 working days. International shipping is also possible but will take at least two weeks.

ProSam Customers Reviews

My husband complained of a feeling of enlargement of the organ, some pressure on neighboring tissues, a constant desire to go to the toilet, a feeling of a foreign body, in short, discomfort in all aspects during the acute course of chronic prostatitis! We bought a lot of medications in a year and even kept a table of what he took when he took it, and how much he took. And it wasn’t until he started taking ProSam that his discomfort subsided. Recommend!

Ms. Rosalie M.

I purchased the product for my husband. He’s recently been complaining about having to use the restroom at night. I went to the doctor, and the tests came back normal. However, given our age (60), we decided to take a course on this supplement for prevention. The composition is entirely natural. A bottle contains 60 capsules (perfect for 1-month use). My husband stated that he feels better based on the sensations. The need to use the restroom became less frequent. I can recommend ProSam to others as a preventive measure.

W. Kimora

I bought it for my father, who has an enlarged prostate. He’s been taking the supplement for a month and says he’s noticed a difference: he wakes up less at night to use the restroom, and the sensation that something is pressing on his bladder has gone away. I’m glad the supplement helps him; I’ll order another bottle for him to take as a preventative measure!

Izabella N.

I purchased this product for my 65-year-old father, who was suffering from prostate inflammation. The doctor frightened him and gave him antibiotics. I chose to assist him with it. He took it after taking antibiotics for several days. As a result, he noticed a positive effect: his pains and other unpleasant symptoms had vanished!

Ms. Farrah C.

The supplement has reduced nighttime urination urges after three weeks of use. It appeals to me!

Mr. Shayne B.

Aids in the relief of prostate inflammation. During the acute period, take 3 capsules per day, then 2 capsules per day as recommended. Keep in mind that you are supposed to take ProSam for at least three months.

S. Alexandros

FAQs about ProSam

Is ProSam FDA-accepted?

Because natural dietary supplements are not approved by the FDA, the FDA cannot approve the ProSam natural supplement. However, ProSam is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities and accordance with FDA and GMP guidelines.

Is It a genuine product?

Based on what we know, it is correct to say that the ProSam supplement is effective. The ProSam tablet is manufactured in FDA-approved facilities by FDA and GMP guidelines. Thomas Louis Klinger, a well-known supplement formulator, created the supplement. There have also been hundreds of thousands of people who have used the supplement, and no ProSam scams have been reported.

Is It Medication Safe?

It is a highly effective supplement. The supplement is designed to help men with prostate issues. The ProSam medication is made from the highest quality natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve prostate health. The supplement Tablets can treat all types of prostate problems and help to improve the user’s overall health.

Is ProSam Austin shipping possible?

If you live in Austin and want to purchase the ProSam supplement, simply go to the product website, log in, and place your order. Because the supplement is manufactured in the United States, you can expect your order to arrive within a few days of placing your order. Simply place your order for your preferred package and wait for your ProSam shipment to arrive at your door.

What Are the Side Effects of The Product?

The supplement contains only the finest natural ingredients. This supplement’s ingredients are all-natural and have been shown to improve prostate health. We know for certain that when herbal medicinal ingredients are consumed, they do not have any harmful side effects on our health. As a result, anyone over the age of 18 can use the supplement without fear of adverse effects.

Is ProSam Austria shipping possible?

It is a global brand that ships to almost every country on the planet. If you have an internet connection, you can buy the ProSam supplement at any time, no matter where you are. All you have to do is log in to the ProSam login page on the ProSam website, choose your preferred package, and place your order. Within less than a week, you will receive your very own shipment of ProSam.

Are there any ProSam Denmark shipments available?

The shipment from ProSam Denmark is now available. The supplement is a global brand with users all over the world. To receive your shipment of ProSam in Denmark, you must first place an order on the ProSam official website. After you place your order for the supplement, it will be delivered to your home within a week.

Is The Product Canada shipping possible?

The supplement is shipped worldwide. The creators of this revolutionary new supplement want to make it available to anyone and everyone who may require it all over the world. So, if you live in Canada and want to purchase the supplement, you must first place an order on the official website, and your ProSam order will be shipped directly to your home in no time.

Is ProSam Konya shipping possible?

It can be purchased almost anywhere on the planet. You don’t even need to go looking for vendors who sell it because the only way to buy it is to place an order on the ProSam website. ProSam is not available for purchase in any physical store or online marketplace. So, regardless of where you are, you must purchase the supplement in the same manner as everyone else: goes to the product official website, place an order for your preferred package, and wait for your shipment of ProSam to arrive right at your door.

What Are the Product Prostate Reviews Saying?

Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are currently using the ProSam supplement. This supplement is currently one of the most popular in the world. According to ProSam reviews, it addresses a very real health issue that men all over the world face at some point in their lives. The reviews also claim that the ProSam supplement helped them improve their overall health and lifestyle.

Are the Amazon reviews for ProSam positive?

Even though the product prostate supplement is no longer available for purchase on Amazon, some supplement users have shared their experiences with the site. They claim that ProSam helped them improve their condition far more than any other supplement in their catalog. As a result, the ProSam reviews on Amazon are favorable.

Is ProSam Bioscience a genuine company?

The supplement structure is made up of ingredients that are well-known in the medical industry for their unique health benefits. The supplement is designed to relax the muscles surrounding the prostate and treat any prostate conditions you may have. The product formula’s effectiveness has also been scientifically proven, as the ingredients used to create the supplement are already used in mainstream medical treatments. As a result, the ProSam bioscience can be considered legitimate.

Where Is The Supplement Building Located?

The supplement is made in various FDA-approved facilities in the United States. Lightning Labs, LLC, a well-known supplement manufacturing company, manufactures the supplement. Lighting Labs’ headquarters are in Florida.

Are the ProSam NZ reviews favorable?

Because the supplement is shipped worldwide, there are thousands of reviews of the supplement written by people who used it outside of the United States. New Zealand has one of the largest ProSam user bases. ProSam reviews from New Zealand users are overwhelmingly positive. Users of the supplement in New Zealand have posted about their experiences on social media.

Will I Be Able To Locate The ProSam Maipu Shipment?

ProSam is always close by, no matter where you are. The supplement is only available for purchase online through its official website. To obtain this revolutionary supplement, you must first place an order for it and then wait for your shipment to arrive at your doorstep.

What Do Users Say About ProSam Rapports?

The ProSam supplement has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. Users have stated that the supplement has the potential to change their lives. Many men believed they would be cursed with prostate problems for the rest of their lives. The ProSam supplement allowed them to live their lives to the fullest.

Is the Product Service Company effective?

The ProSam Company offers its customers a very efficient service. Shipping delays are almost non-existent, and customer satisfaction is extremely high. ProSam’s customer service representatives are available to its customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether it’s a question about how to use the supplement or a refund for people who want to return it, all of its services are extremely efficient.

What Exactly Is ProSam Financial Aid?

On the official website of the ProSam supplement, you can find some financial aid options. On the website, you can look for limited-time discounts and promo codes. When you purchase the supplement, you will also receive a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Is There A ProSam Channel On YouTube?

Even though there is no ProSam YouTube channel, there are numerous YouTube channels that contain ProSam videos. The ProSam videos on YouTube can help users clearly understand the supplement and its effects.

What Are the ProSam Swiss Medical Reviews Saying?

Sweden is another foreign country with a sizable ProSam user base. A few Swiss medical outlets reviewed the supplement, and none of them could deny the supplement’s enormous potential. This supplement’s ingredients are all well-known for their medicinal properties. This is why, according to some Swiss medical reviews, ProSam is a supplement that can be relied on.

Where Can I Locate a ProSam Tutorial?

It is very simple to use the ProSam supplement, and you do not need to adhere to any strict routines or diets. The ProSam bottle label includes the ProSam user guidelines. The label does an excellent job of elaborating on the ProSam user guidelines.

What Does ProSam Mean?

ProSam is a term used to describe personality traits and characteristics such as creativity, charisma, energy, and focus.

ProSam Final Verdict 

Indeed, It is a safe and effective treatment for all men suffering from prostatic adenoma. It is completely natural, has no side effects, and is completely safe to use daily. As a consumer, you may be wondering how you can improve the supplement’s action and if its effects can be sustained after the treatment cycle. And the answer is, of course, yes! There are a few easy steps you can take.

The first rule is to make dietary changes! Spicy, fatty, and salty foods should be avoided because, when consumed systemically, they cause inflammation in the prostate gland, which inevitably leads to an exacerbation of prostatitis. Fall in love with fresh vegetables and fruits, lean meat, and fish; such healthy habits will not only create a reliable barrier against prostatitis but will also normalize gastrointestinal tract function.

The next step is to maintain a regular sexual life! This is one of the most important prescriptions for the prevention of prostatitis because both too much and too little sexual life are harmful to the prostate. If you have a permanent partner, it is ideal; otherwise, urologists recommend that you always use condoms. After all, the introduction of a sexually transmitted infection into the body has the potential to worsen chronic prostatitis.

You should also limit your consumption of alcohol and tobacco. This is especially critical if you suffer from chronic prostatitis. Such bad habits have a significant negative impact on prostate function.

Last but not least, maintain a healthy way of life! Constant sitting causes stagnation in the prostate, and chronic prostatitis will quickly resurface with painful symptoms. Surprised? A “sedentary” lifestyle harms not only men’s health but also the entire body. To avoid this, take advantage of every opportunity to move around, and walk more frequently. Urologists advise patients suffering from prostatitis to participate in sports such as tennis and badminton, as well as swimming.