OcuRenew Reviews – Is This Supplement Effective For Vision Loss? 2022 Ingredients, FAQs, Pricing

Vision loss affects many people, and while it is commonly regarded as a natural consequence of aging, is this the case? Is it inevitable that you need to wear glasses as you grow older? What happens if you wear glasses when you’re a child or a teenager? Your vision can only deteriorate to a certain point before you become blind. Your eyesight will continue to decline even though you can keep changing the prescription of your glasses or contact lenses or even having surgery because you are not addressing the underlying cause of age-related vision loss.

Using OcuRenew, a new supplement, the manufacturer claims that it can prevent vision loss and restore vision by addressing the underlying cause of your poor vision. Is OcuRenew a product that lives up to the hype? What role does OcuRenew play in maintaining and improving eye health and vision?

You should consider OcuRenew if you want to permanently reverse your progressive vision loss and reclaim your perfect vision. OcuRenew is the most effective treatment for progressive vision loss.

OcuRenew, an all-natural supplement, targets the underlying cause of eyesight loss by protecting and enhancing mitochondrial production as a preventative measure. This product’s active ingredients aid in the long-term removal of blurry eyesight by improving the mental clarity and strength of the user. When the cellular energy that your eyes require is provided, your visual system will be restored, and your vision will be corrected.

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What Is OcuRenew?

When it comes to preventing vision loss, OcuRenew is a scientifically developed, 100 percent natural product that addresses the root cause of the problem, which is an Ocular Energy Crisis caused by mitochondrial damage head-on. Benjamin Blake, the inventor of OcuRenew, claims that his product is made up of highly effective ingredients that have been hand-selected for their beneficial effects on mitochondrial function. The mitochondria, he argues, not only provide 95 percent of cellular energy but also play a critical role in the regulation of immune function.

A healthy immune system is essential for keeping your mitochondria functioning at their peak. The combination of minerals and vitamins in OcuRenew helps strengthen the immune system, which helps improve eye health and vision. Your retina, visual brain, and optic nerve benefit from their entire composition providing structure, activation, and protection for mitochondrial health. The mitochondrial repair and growth are stimulated as a result of this.

To provide energy to your eyes and visual system, your mitochondria will need to be re-energized. Every cell in your eye, your retina, and every other component of your optical system will begin to recover due to the massive infusion of new energy that has been injected. Within a few weeks of regular use, you’ll be able to see things you’ve only ever dreamed of seeing.

According to Benjamin, OcuRenew was established to benefit people of all ages and medical backgrounds. This product is entirely free of stimulants, preservatives, and active ingredients that are known to cause addiction. OcuRenew is only manufactured in a facility that the Food and Drug Administration has approved and adheres to the strictest quality control standards available. To ensure the safety and efficacy of medications, they are put through a rigorous testing procedure.

Vision and eye health supplement OcuRenew is only available for purchase on the internet. The OcuRenew website describes how a man named Benjamin Blake, who has a background in biological sciences and biotechnology, used his professional experience to develop OcuRenew. Blake is the inventor of the OcuRenew technology.

According to the origin story on their website, Mr. Blake’s mother was forced to stop driving after she came within inches of running over two innocent children while driving a motorcycle. To assist his mother in curing her vision loss, Benjamin set out to build OcuRenew in his spare time. Blake created a one-of-a-kind combination of vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plants, drawing on his biotech experience and network. After successfully testing the formula on his mother, Benjamin decided to commercialize it under the brand name OcuRenew and make it available to the general public.

How Does OcuRenew Work?

According to the developers of OcuRenew, vision loss is not an unavoidable consequence of growing older, and it’s preventable, treatable, and curable if caught early enough.

The following is how Benjamin describes the problem:

“The majority of doctors believe that vision loss is unavoidable, and as well as the fact that it is only a matter of time before we all begin to lose our sight… However, where they go completely wrong is believing that this is the norm for them. “However, I’m here to inform you that this is not the case.”

Blake is firm in his belief that men and women of any age can achieve “perfect vision,” regardless of their vision loss or the reason for their vision loss. Ben formed a partnership with a biotech colleague named David to develop vision loss solutions. A neurological testing company is owned by David, who also holds three medical device patents.

According to David, Benjamin’s mother was losing her vision due to problems with her mitochondria, which serve as the energy-producing centers of her cells. Scientists have discovered that centenarians (people who live to be 100 years old) tend to have significantly healthier mitochondria than people who do not live as long, indicating that healthy mitochondria are associated with longer life. As you grow older, your mitochondria begin to perform less effectively.

To cut a long story short, David and Benjamin joined forces to find an effective treatment for age-related vision loss. David and Benjamin were able to reverse his mother’s vision loss by targeting the mitochondria of the cells – even though her vision loss was so severe that she could no longer drive safely.

According to research, exposure to red light in the early morning hours is critical for improving one’s vision in the evening. Every day, three minutes of exposure to long-wave deep red light activates energy-producing mitochondria cells in the retina, which helps to improve failing vision naturally. In addition to having varying work schedules, mitochondria respond to light in different ways at different times of the day. This, in conjunction with OcuRenew, helps to improve mitochondrial activity while also restoring your vision.

Here’s how to get the most out of your membership:

Phase 1 :

You must first take in the splendor of dawn and allow the long-wave red light to set off your mitochondrial alarm clock before you can begin your day. When it’s freezing outside, looking out the window and watching the sun come up can be as effective as staying indoors. When you work out your mitochondria, your retina and the rest of your vision system will benefit from the improved function of your mitochondria and an increase in their ability to supply energy to the retina.

Phase 2:

Following the activation of the mitochondria, it is necessary to provide them with the essential nutrients. The combination of nutrients in OcuRenew improves oxidative protection and increases cellular energy production. With a full glass of water or any beverage, you can hydrate and nourish your eyes, which will benefit from a micronutrient structure designed to ensure that energy generation begins on a solid foundation.

Phase 3 :

Finally, OcuRenew protects the mitochondria and the entire visual system with a proprietary blend of nutrients, co-factors, and plant chemicals that have been shown to improve mitochondrial activity and protect against degeneration in laboratory studies.

OcuRenew Ingredients 

OcuRenew’s Vitamin Complex contains four B vitamins: B1, B2, B3, and B12, all of which are essential for the health of red blood cells and are found in high concentrations OcuRenew. These vitamins can help you maintain higher energy levels and even increase your energy. In addition to improving vision by increasing the circulation of essential nutrients, this vitamin complex can also aid in the maintenance of a healthy appetite and digestion. It is common to include B vitamins in daily diets to promote normal neural function. OcuRenew also contains antioxidants such as vitamins A, C, and E.

Metallurgical Compound

To keep the retina healthy and its cell membranes and protein structure intact, it is necessary to consume minerals such as zinc, calcium, copper, and magnesium every day. They also contribute to the maintenance of regular cellular activity in the eye. Vitamin A must be transferred from the retina for melanin to be produced, and this is accomplished effectively through the use of these vitamins and minerals.


According to a research study published in The British Journal of Ophthalmology, zeaxanthin and lutein are two essential nutrients for maintaining good eye health (BJO). Zeaxanthin protects your eyes by absorbing blue light that could be potentially harmful. In addition to having anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, it also can reduce the risk of eye disease.


Lutein is one of the most beneficial compounds available for inclusion in any vision supplement. Lutein and zeaxanthin protect the user’s eyes from high-energy light rays. Lutein and zeaxanthin are both antioxidants. Increased levels of lutein in the body can be beneficial to eye tissue, and it has been repeatedly linked to improved vision in those who consume the antioxidant.


Lycopene has been clinically proven to protect the eyes from oxidative stress, a leading cause of many eye illnesses. As a result, it is one of the most potent eye vitamins currently available, thanks to its antioxidant properties. The antioxidant lycopene may even be able to delay or prevent cataracts to a certain extent. Tomatoes are a good source of this compound because they are abundant.


Taurine’s osmoregulatory properties may help prevent the development of cataracts and dry eye syndrome. Taurine concentrations are exceptionally high in the anterior segment of the eye. Getting enough taurine into your diet is critical for maintaining good vision.


Quercetin has antioxidant properties that help rid the body of harmful free radicals while also reducing swelling, making it helpful in treating a variety of health problems. Cancer risk can be diminished, and the brain’s ability to combat neurological illnesses can be improved.

OcuRenew also contains other ingredients such as alpha-lipoic acid, quercetin, and eyebright, which work together to complete the overall formula. These three ingredients work together to protect the eye against free radical damage and oxidative stress, resulting in improved eye health and fewer symptoms of dry eye disease. In addition, the formula contains:

  • L-taurine (an amino acid that is essential for maintaining retinal health and integrity).
  • Grape seed extract (which provides additional antioxidant support).
  • Rutin (to help regulate blood flow to the retina).

Who are the makers of OcuRenew?

The makers of OcuRenew disclose the complete list of ingredients upfront, along with the dosages of most components. Although some dosages are hidden within a proprietary blend, we know most of the elements in OcuRenew.

The complete list of ingredients includes:

  • 100mcg of vitamin A (11% DV)
  • 200mg of vitamin C (222% DV)
  • 50mg of calcium (4% DV)
  • 20mg of vitamin E (133% DV)
  • 8mg of vitamin B1 (667% DV)
  • 8mg of vitamin B2 (615% DV)
  • 40mg of vitamin B3 (250% DV)
  • 27mcg of vitamin B12 (1,125% DV)
  • 800mcg of biotin (2,667% DV)
  • 32mg of zinc (291% DV)
  • 8mcg of selenium (15% DV)
  • 2mg of copper (222% DV)
  • 3.6mcg of chromium (10% DV)
  • 481mg of a proprietary blend with lutein, bilberry extract, alpha-lipoic acid, eyebright, zeaxanthin, quercetin, rutin, L-taurine, grape seed extract, and lycopene
  • Other (inactive) ingredients include vegetable cellulose, rice flour, magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide.

Scientific Evidence For OcuRenew

Before putting their product on the market, the makers of OcuRenew claim that they conducted two small tests on their formula.

Trial #1: Benjamin’s Mother: Benjamin’s mother had severe vision loss where she could no longer drive safely. Benjamin’s mother decided to give up driving after nearly killing two children while behind the wheel. According to OcuRenew.com, Benjamin’s mother was able to stop wearing her glasses thoroughly after receiving OcuRenew. She “now has 20/20 vision” due to using the product Benjamin gave to her.

Trial #2: A group of volunteers with a perfect record of accomplishment: Following his success in treating his mother’s vision loss, Benjamin turned to social media to solicit volunteers. He gathered a group of people experiencing vision loss and instructed them to take OcuRenew. According to the study, nine hundred ninety-three percent of the volunteers “reported significant improvement in their vision,” according to the survey. Aside from that, the participants reported feeling better and having more energy. Over 60 days, 100 percent of study participants said they improved vision. In the words of Benjamin, “It [OcuRenew] was effective, and it was effective on every single one of them.”

Benjamin and David did not publish their ground-breaking trials in a peer-reviewed journal, nor did they make any additional information about the tests available on the internet.

The first step in the OcuRenew system is to observe the sunrise in the morning as the system is being set up. According to studies, staring at the sun for even a few minutes can cause irreversible vision damage that cannot be reversed. Is it possible that this will improve your vision?

When you look at the sun or other sources of light (such as a welding torch), ultraviolet light is absorbed by your retina, causing it to burn the tissue that has been exposed. This can result in both short- and long-term vision damage and permanent vision loss. Some people’s vision improves over time due to sun damage, while the idea of others never improves.

Exposing your eyes to red light, on the other hand, may help to improve vision by increasing mitochondrial function. Researchers discovered in this 2021 study that exposing animals’ eyes to long-wavelength light (650 to 900nm light) partially restored mitochondrial function and improved ocular function in the eyes of the animals studied. To put it another way, the correct type of red light may be able to improve your vision.

Many of the ingredients in OcuRenew, on the other hand, have been linked to improved vision and eye health in numerous studies. For example, the antioxidants lutein, zeaxanthin, and lycopene are found in virtually all vision health supplements sold online today for a reason: studies have shown that they can reduce inflammation in the eyes, which may help in the maintenance of your visual health.

There is little evidence to support the recommendation that you watch the sunrise to help with vision loss. Exposing your eyes to red light and taking the ingredients in OcuRenew, on the other hand, may provide mild vision assistance.

OcuRenew Pricing

OcuRenew Pricing

It is only possible to purchase OcuRenew through the company’s main website. When you order your bottles now, your credit card payments will be handled by a third-party credit card processor that adheres to the strictest international data security standards, ensuring that no one will ever access your credit card information.

If you are interested in purchasing OcuRenew, the following prices are available:

For all orders placed outside the United States, the official website charges a shipping fee of $15.95.

When it comes to restoring your vision, the solution’s creator is confident in its abilities. Consequently, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee on any orders placed. Within the first 60 days of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with your OcuRenew purchase for any reason, you may request a refund by contacting the support team through one of the channels listed below:

Support can be reached at +1-844-670-2409 or support@ocurenew.com.

Product Return Address: 37 Inverness Drive E, Suite 100, Englewood, CO 80112, United States of America

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process by which consumers use OcuRenew?

A. Individuals should take two capsules twice daily with a glass of water. Do not take more than the recommended dose. If you are currently taking any medication, you should consult your doctor before using this product.

Q: Is it safe to eat or drink?

A. Without a doubt! Using OcuRenew is entirely non-invasive, and it helps users resolve their issues while also making them feel great. It is entirely risk-free for adults of all ages to participate.

Q: What distinguishes OcuRenew from the competition?

Unlike other products, OcuRenew goes directly to the source of your problem and immediately starts working to resolve it.

Q: Will this affect any medications that consumers are already taking?

A. There have been no reported instances of OcuRenew interfering with the use of prescription medications. The best course of action is to discuss it with your doctor before you begin taking it.

OcuRenew Final Verdict

Vision and eye health supplement OcuRenew claims to restore 20/20 vision through vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids.

You can purportedly restore vision, correct severe vision problems, and eliminate the need for prescription glasses and contact lenses by taking two capsules of OcuRenew twice daily, according to the manufacturer of OcuRenew.

Visit the official website by clicking here to learn more about OcuRenew and how it works, and purchase the supplement right away! >>>

Using OcuRenew, you can be confident that your vision will be restored naturally, restoring the clarity and focus that you had in your youth. The OcuRenew blend comprises potent nutrients that have been selected for their antioxidant properties and their ability to improve your visual performance. Reduce edema, resist free radicals and oxidative stress, improve the sharpness of your vision, and protect your idea from the harmful effects of blue light are all achieved through the consumption of vision-enhancing nutrients. OcuRenew works at the cellular level, and it can help restore eye health while also protecting it from environmental pollutants such as pollution.

After only a few weeks of testing, everyone in OcuRenew’s test group reported significantly improving their vision. As a result of using OcuRenew, your mitochondria are now operating at peak performance, allowing you to feel better and appear younger. This blend is beneficial for the eyes; it also has a variety of other health benefits. Additionally, this product improves your vision and cognitive ability and rejuvenates your cells.