DentaFend Reviews – Will This Product Make My Smile Better? Ingredients, Scientific Facts, Pricing

DentaFend is a high-powered dental health supplement that uses one critical nutrient plus a variety of natural components to help repair gum disease and regenerate teeth from the inside out.

Introducing DentaFend

According to various studies, teeth are one of the first things we notice in others. Sadly, the condition of our teeth and, as a result, our gums are frequently disregarded.

Thankfully, there’s a new supplement on the market that promises to make gum care easier than ever. Dentafend is a one-of-a-kind solution that protects your gums and teeth while healing existing gum damage.

Dentafend is a popular supplement for anyone concerned about their oral health. It was created specifically for persons suffering from tooth decay and gum disease.

The Story Behind DentaFend

DentaFend’s creators are confident in the supplement’s effectiveness. It’s helpful to know the backstory to DentaFend to appreciate its dramatic impact.

The story of Dean Dent is told on the sales page.

Dean nearly suffocated to death two years ago due to a sore tooth. Dean’s bottom left tooth was infected, and he was in excruciating pain. This infection swelled to the point that it obstructed his airways and made it impossible for him to breathe.

Dean went to the hospital for treatment. Doctors placed a tube in his mouth to breathe once more.

Dean had grown dissatisfied with modern dentistry, and the dental medication bothered him. He reports that his recovery from surgery took weeks. He claims to have experienced bleeding, edema, root hypersensitivity, delayed bruising, and even taste alterations.

Despite these dangerous side effects, Dean’s oral health deteriorated significantly. Dean’s teeth started wobbling in his mouth again a few weeks after his surgery.

Dean began investigating natural dental remedies in the weeks and months that followed. He immediately learned that the dental profession was tainted — and that there were alternative remedies for common dental issues:

“…it was this experience that launched me on a life-changing journey to expose the dental industry’s corrupt and fatal practices…

Finally, no matter how terrible your tooth decay has grown, I discovered a safe and affordable approach that lets you regenerate your gums and super-strengthen your teeth.”

DentaFend is Dean’s natural solution bundle. He now wants to sell DentaFend online to share that solution with the rest of the world.

DentaFend Benefits

The most significant advantage of taking Dentafend is that it is a safe alternative to complex and costly dental procedures that aren’t always guaranteed to perform. Dentafend contains substances that have been shown to help gum and tooth health. Taking Dentafend alone can offer you several, if not all, of the following advantages:

  • Plaque disintegration and plaque formation prevention.
  • Gum disease is treated by removing harmful germs from the mouth.
  • Teeth that are stronger and less prone to decay.
  • Gum’s health has improved.
  • Gums are less swollen and inflamed.
  • Gum/teeth pain and bleeding are no longer an issue.

How does DentaFend work?

DentaFend operates in three phases. The first stage entails cleaning out toxins that are thought to cause tooth and gum disease. After experimenting with 118 various plants, spices, and minerals mixtures, the couple settled on three-star elements for this progression: Bentonite mud, flaxseed, and oat grain, according to the senior member.

The reason for choosing Bentonite mud is the simple fact that it “acts like an atomic wipe, ingesting poisons and then killing microscopic organisms and various pollutants.” Flaxseeds, in Dean’s opinion, are equally important because they are “absolutely fantastic cancer prevention agents ready to fend off these harmful chemicals inside your blood and pave the way for teeth and gum resurrection.” On the other hand, Oat wheat is said to “halt the draining and aggravation on the gum level.”

Following up, DentaFend is approved to begin the restitution process, which necessitates any form of Black pecan, apple gelatin, prune concentrate, or psyllium husk. While the first three function together to perhaps restore and recover firm gums and teeth, the last three work together to potentially mitigate and free-revolutionary fighting properties in the body.

Like other oral health supplements, the final stage usually entails protecting the mouth against unknown intruders/dangerous bacteria. Why bother if positive results aren’t sustained over time, right? Dean and Dr. Michels chose Lactobacillus acidophilus, a force to be reckoned with regarding resistance-boosting characteristics.

DentaFend Ingredients

DentaFend has not made its entire ingredient list, dosages, additives, fillers, binders, or preservatives available online. DentaFend does not have an ingredient label.

However, the DentaFend team does reveal some of the supplement’s contents. We know that the supplement contains an undisclosed amount of the following ingredients:

Glucomannan Root: 

Glucomannan root is a natural extract that is high in fiber. Glucomannan root is commonly found in detox teas, fiber supplements, and diet tablets, among other things. DentaFend’s creators, on the other hand, claim that the glucomannan root in the supplement is “clinically shown to function so well for your teeth that the Big Pharma corporations struggle to buy every last drop of it.” Glucomannan supplements are freely available for purchase online; therefore, this is plainly not the case.

Bentonite Clay: 

DentaFend’s bentonite clay is said to work like a molecular sponge, absorbing toxins and neutralizing bacteria while also eliminating contaminants from your mouth and teeth’s surface.


According to the DentaFend team, flaxseeds revitalize your gums, battle hazardous pollutants in your blood, and serve as a potent antioxidant.

According to the DentaFend website, oat bran naturally identifies harmful bacteria colonies and toxins, annihilating these toxins while halting bleeding and inflammation on a gum level.

Black Walnut: 

Black walnut aids in the restoration of teeth and gums, allowing your teeth and gums to begin to heal on their own. It’s unclear how black walnut helps your teeth and gums, and no studies have found this benefit to date. Black walnut contains tannins, ellagitannins, and other compounds, according to the DentaFend website. These substances have antioxidant properties, but they haven’t been proven to repair teeth, prevent tooth decay, or cure an infection.

Psyllium Husk: 

Another popular source of fiber is psyllium husk. Psyllium husk is found in several fiber supplements. Psyllium husk has “strong rejuvenation and regeneration qualities,” according to the manufacturers of DentaFend.

Apple Pectin: 

The third fiber listed in DentaFend is apple pectin. Apple pectin is a naturally occurring soluble fiber found in apples. Although supplements may also contain it, it’s commonly used to thicken jams and preserves.


DentaFend includes prune extract, commonly found in laxative and digestive supplements. Although prune extract has been shown to aid digestion, it has not been demonstrated to mend teeth or cure gum disease.

Aloe Vera:

DentaFend says that its aloe vera leaf extract keeps bacteria from growing in the future while also keeping your blood toxin-free, helping you to avoid dental troubles for a long time.

DentaFend also claims to contain other plants and herbs; however, the names and dosages of these components are unknown. Although it’s impossible to verify this information, it claims to acquire its components from Brazil, Africa, Asia, Northern Europe, and other places.

How Does DentaFend Ingredients Works?

These chemicals, when combined, are said to turn your blood into a “daily cleaning cocktail.” DentaFend claims to provide your blood with the necessary components to fight significant oral health concerns. It claims to give your blood the ingredients it needs to fight tooth infections.

While the efficacy of any supplement is significant, the user’s safety should always come first. Dentafend has a track record of delivering natural, risk-free solutions. It promotes itself as a natural, safe alternative to pharmaceutical medications and dental operations. It has been able to keep these promises since its launch in early 2020.

Because Dentafend is made up of safe, natural plant extracts, there have been no known adverse effects. While taking Dentafend, you should have no reservations or fears. The hundreds of testimonies should demonstrate how safe this product is.

DentaFend Side Effects

Dentafend’s product is likewise made in a GMP-approved facility right here in the United States. Dentafend’s raw components are also checked for purity and quality on a regular basis to guarantee that only the best ingredients are used in each capsule.

Dentafend is a highly safe supplement that will not harm your health if taken as advised. Before purchasing Dentafend, speak with your doctor or a medical expert if you have any questions about the product or if it is right for you.

Pricing for DentaFend

DentaFend is priced at $69 per bottle, but when ordering numerous bottles, the price reduces to $49 or $59 for each bottle:

DentaFend’s 6-bottle container is labeled “doctor advised,” implying that doctors or dentists recommend using the supplement to treat gum and tooth problems. We could not locate any licensed medical doctors or dentists who would suggest DentaFend.

A 30-day supply is included in each bottle (30 capsules).

DentaFend Refund Policy

A 60-day money-back guarantee is included with DentaFend.

You have 60 days to seek a full refund. Even if the supplement is empty, you must return it to the manufacturer. The manufacturer retains your initial shipping price ($10 per purchase).

How To Use DentaFend

DentaFend has been purchased and used by over 57,000 people in the United States, and they are pleased with the outcomes. The particular components that make this blend so potent can only be found in this formula in the proper proportions.

Using this solution is quite simple, which is precisely what makes it so enjoyable to use. Because the most significant components are packed into tiny capsules, this blend saves you a lot of time and energy. You should only take one pill per day. What could be simpler? There are a few things to keep in mind before adopting this combination into your daily regimen, though.

Before incorporating the cure into your diet, the business recommends speaking with your health care professional, especially if you have any chronic health concerns. We should also point out that taking the supplement will not replace regular dental visits, making them less frequent.

To acquire the optimum effects, you need to ingest the tablets for three months, although you’ll notice the improvements from the first weeks. It will just take a few seconds per day to maintain healthy gums and a lovely smile.

DentaFend Efficacy

When using DentaFend, how long will it take to see results?

At the time of writing, customers were told that around 87,000 people had tried DentaFend, all exceptional reporting results. Because everyone is different, some people may get effects quickly, while others may need more time. In any event, the team wholeheartedly recommends giving DentaFend two or three weeks to see significant results.

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DentaFend’s Scientific Support

Dietary supplement firms do not usually conduct clinical trials and scientific studies. They’re prohibitively expensive, and even the wealthiest nutritional supplement businesses aren’t willing to invest in them.

DentaFend’s creators, on the other hand, claim to have conducted one of the largest clinical trials in the history of nutritional supplements. And, unlike almost every other clinical trial published in a peer-reviewed journal, the DentaFend experiment included participants from six different nations.

DentaFend’s creators state that their trial included 6,400 “brave volunteers” from six nations.

Unfortunately, such research was never completed. There is no proof that DentaFend has been utilized to treat tooth decay or other primary oral health conditions. We don’t have references to this work, let alone a peer-reviewed journal source.

If the trial goes ahead, it will be one of the most significant dental advances in history. Every dentistry and medical magazine would be flooded with stories about it.

DentaFend’s sales page also includes testimonials from consumers who have used the product to cure major dental health issues, such as:

One 49-year-old man from Lubbock, Texas, claims that after taking DentaFend to treat “serious gum disease” – even after his doctor “recommended surgery” – his gums and teeth are now strong, clean, and healthy.

One 52-year-old man from Oakland, California, reports that he had swollen, receding gums until he started taking DentaFend, after which his gums began to heal, and his teeth grew whiter.

Another 51-year-old man from Elgin, Iowa, claims he spit blood every time he washed his teeth until he began taking DentaFend.

One person from Aspen, Colorado, claims that his tooth pain was so severe that he couldn’t concentrate, work, or live; he tried pain relievers like Tic-Tacs but got no relief, only to try DentaFend and solve all of his serious pain issues.

Unfortunately, none of this is supported by evidence.

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